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Teach me please :)

Teach me please :)
Hey everyone,
My name is Allen and I am new to Forex trading. I've messed around with trading stocks a year ago, but never got good enough to profitability yet. Now, I want to learn how to trade Forex and hoping I can become profitable through consistency and persistence.
I recently opened a live account and have made 7 trades: 2 wins, 4 losses. I have been trading small and have followed my stop losses so my losses have been small. I am down net -$35 currently. Here are a few of my trades. If anyone has feedback or sees a pattern in my trading that I can improve on, please let me know. I mainly execute trades off when market taps a resistance/support level or EMA line.
Things that I think I need to improve on: 1) Identifying correct market trend
- Ex) sometimes I have trouble figuring out if market is pulling back on a downtrend or starting to create a higher low and reversing

2) Identifying proper entry signals
- I am still working on interpreting price action. I usually enter trades on 15min chart or 1 hour chart. I may need to stop using 15min chart because I get faked out easily from it. One thing I've been implementing and it has helped my patience is waiting for candles to close before assuming market trend. Such as waiting for 15min candle or 1hour candle to close before entering a trade.

Here are some examples of my trades:
1) NZD/USD (Loss) Entry: short 0.65313 Exit: 0.65394
Reason for entry: I thought the market was going to respect the green trend line. Stop loss was right above the trend line. I saw a wick on 15 min chart and a red engulfing candle following it.

1 hour chart

2) USD/CHF (Loss) Entry: short 1.00876 Exit: 1.00942
Reason for entry: In the 1 hour chart, it broke it's uptrend structure by creating a lower low. It rejected off the .50 level of Fibonacci Retracement, which signaled me that it is possibly going to continue downtrending. Both, 4hour and 1 hour charts were under the 34EMA (orange trend line).
15 min chart


3) EUNZD (Win) Entry: short 1.71027 Exit: 1.70674 | 1.70884
Reasons for entry: - Market went under key level (orange horizontal line) - Market was under 34EMA (yellow trend line) - Broke through support (white horizontal line)
15 min chart
Where could I have gotten a better entry on this trade? I was negative for a long time until it finally broke the support. What will signal me if the market will be rejected off a resistance level or break through a resistance level?


4) NZD/USD (Win) Entry: 0.65426 Exit: 0.65335 | 0.65215 | 0.65188
Reasons for entry:
- downward market trend - market rejected off 34EMA trendline (yellow trend line) - big red engulfing candle
Lessons I learned from this trade: - Be more patient on my take profit. Took first profits out too quickly because it was dropping so quick and I was scared it would bounce back up
- Find better entry
- Similar to the previous trade, I was in the negative for a while before it worked out. Where would be a proper signal for a short? Long wick followed by a red engulfing candle at resistance level?

Sorry for the long post! Hope you learned something from my mistakes and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you guys can give me! I believe forex trading can become the gateway to financial freedom for me and I want to do my best to make it work. I also live in Orange County, CA and wouldn't mind meeting anyone who is in the area to discuss strategies and learn from each other!
Hope everyone has a great night!
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